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  • Carbonated Drink Filling MachineThis DCGF series carbonated drink filling machine (rinsing filling capping machines) is mainly used in carbonated drink filling work. The equipment incorporates rinsing, filling and capping into one, and thus realizes automatically operation throughout the whole process, which is suitable for carbonated drinks bottled in PET and plastic bottles. It adopts isobar filling method...
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DCGF Series Carbonated Drink Filling Line (Carbonated Beverage Production Line)

This DCGF series carbonated drink filling line (carbonated beverage production line) is mainly used to produce PET bottled carbonated drinks within the volume from 200ml to 2500ml. And different models can offer production capacity from 6000 to 22000 B/H. Our DCGF series equipment is used to produce carbonated drink or spark drink like Caco Cola, Sprite, Pepsi Cola and other soft drink.
The whole production process is that the empty bottle is conveyed quickly and stably into rinsing filling capping machine by air conveyor, and that after capping, carbonated drinks is conveyed to coders where it is printed on date of manufacture, labeled, and the final shrink membrane packing. During the production process, the water treat equipment (water filtration sterilizers systems) provides purified water to rinse the PET bottles and mix the carbonated drinks, and the method of filling carbonated drinks is isobar filling. The whole process is controlled by PLC and runs automatically. Through the touch screen, users can see visually the running conditions of the production line and can also carry out some relevant operation to adjust its output.

Processing Flow of Carbonated Drink Filling Line (Carbonated Beverage Production Line):

Please look at the processing flow at the top of this page.

Notice: Customers themselves need to provide the red print part devices.

Founded in 2006, our company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of carbonated drink filling line (carbonated beverage production line) in China. Here in Topling, we mainly offer water filling line, juice filling line, carbonated drink filling line and related equipments including rinsing filling capping machine, conveyor system (air conveyor), coders (printer, labeling, shrink-wrappers), and other machines. We offer installing and debugging services of our devices and staff training for factories abroad and OEM service. For more guides of carbonated drink filling line, please contact us.