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Membrane Ultrafiltration Filter

The membrane ultrafiltration filter is a kind of equipment to purify water by ultrafiltration technology. Different from other water purification equipment, this equipment applies ultrafiltration membrane. This water treat equipment utilizes new hollow fiber ultrafiltration technique and three-grade pretreatment filtration to remove impurities in running water. Ultrafiltration micropore that is smaller than 0.01μm can completely filter out germ, rust, colloids, and other hazardous substances in water. Besides, microelements and mineral substances that are beneficial to human body are reserved. The impurity hyperconcentration water goes out through drain valve. Hollow fiber membrane allows huge water yield and is difficult to block up. The fiber elements can be cleaned repeatedly and enjoy long working operating life. Besides, ultrafiltration is driven by running water pressure, thus electricity is saved. And it is convenient to replace fiber elements.

Membrane Ultrafiltration Filter

Model of Example:
The equipment is a kind of membrane ultrafiltration filter and its water output capacity is 4M3/H.

Technical Parameters of Membrane Ultrafiltration Filter:

Model HF-4
Membrane material Modified polypropylene (PP)
Fiber iner and outer diameter 0.4mm/0.5mm
Cut-off Molecular weight 100,000 daltons
Module size Ø160X1330mm
Effective membrane area 48.5m2
Pure water flux (L/H,0.12Mpa,25 °C) 4880
Projected water yield (L/H) 27-90L/ m2.H
Shell material UPVC
End seal material Epoxide resin
Operating presure 0.1-0.3MPa
Max. feed water pressure 0.5MPa
Max. transmembrane  differential pressure 0.2MPa
Feed water PH value 1-14
Operating temprature 5℃-45℃
Yielding water turbility < 0.1NTU
Silt density index(SDI) < 1
Suspended subatance,particulate (>0.2µm) 100% removed
Microbe, pathogens 99.99% removed

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