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Silica Sand Filter (Water Mechanical Filter)

The silica sand filter, also known as water mechanical filter, is a kind of water filtration equipment. It is mainly used to remove granular impurities, suspended solids, colloids and other substances in water. Its filtration medium can be silica sand, anthracite, and many other substances. The height of filtering material layer is more than 1200mm. The filtering material granularity and height should be in conformity with relevant technical requirements. Adding material and debugging the mixture can achieve the filtration effect, so that SDI of filtered water is greatly reduced.

1. The silica sand filter (water mechanical filter) is a kind of stainless steel multi-stage filter whose diameter is 600mm. There is well graded silica sand inside the filter. The filtering layer height is more than or equal to 1200mm. Under normal working condition, the total water output is 4m3/hr, and the effluent quality is less than 4.

Silica Sand Filter (Water Mechanical Filter)

2. The design current velocity is 10m/h.
3. The machinery is fitted with backwashing valve, thus manual backwashing can be achieved.

Parameters of Silica Sand Filter (Water Mechanical Filter):

Model SYS
Pressure type Normal pressure
Output 1-100T
Operation type Manual control or automatic control
Material Stainless steel 304 or 316 (users can choose them according to local water quality)

Model of Example:

Model output Filtration section Flow velocity  m/h Sand filling capacity Pack height Material Specification
SYS-3 3T/H 0.28 M2 10 550Kg 1.4M Stainless steel Ф600×2100×2mm

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