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How to produce bottled soda water?
1. If you want to enter into the production industry of carbonated drink, you need have the following factors: water sources, bottles, caps, formulas of carbonated beverage, plants and enough capital.
2. Then you should get some water from your water source tested in the lab so that you can get the water quality analysis report. According to this report, we can choose for you a scientific and reasonable filter system, which can help you purify the water source as well as make sure that your potable drinking water reach relevant standards. And the scientific analysis can help you choose suitable water treat system and ensure the water quality for you. What's more, it can help prolong the service life of water treat equipments, thus saving your costs. There is no need for you to purchase lots of filter machines.
3. You should select suitable bottle shapes according to market developing trends, which can help you better develop your market. That's because bottles and caps decide your product shapes, and market research is awfully important for you. For example, customers from Middle East prefer bottled water of larger volume (2000ml), and then you should think about how you can get applicable bottles and caps: can you purchase in the local place, or you have to import them abroad?
4. Since there are now many different kinds of carbonated beverage, such as soda water, cola, sports beverages and more, you should have a prescription of carbonated beverage before purchasing relevant devices. On the basis of your prescription, we can give you a suitable beverage mixing system. As to your labels and final packaging, you should think about whether to utilize heat shrink labels or to use adhesive labels. You should also consider about whether you should utilize heat shrink packaging or utilize carton packaging in order to make your transportation more convenient.
5. The workshop area can restrict your production line (soda water filling machine) scope. And when you think about that question, you need take raw material stack, different equipment arrangement and product storage into your consideration. On the basis of your demands about the output and your factory plan, we can work out a scientific layout plant for you.
6. Finally, the capital is to be considered. You should choose the automation degree on the basis of the local labor power salary condition. If you have any questions of soda water filling machine, please feel free to contact us.

The carbonated drink filling machine is mainly used for filling beverage products, such as Cola, Sprite, Fanta, and other carbonated drinks, etc.