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CGF Series Bottle Filling Machine

Description of CGF Series Bottle Filling Machine (3 in 1 Beverage Machine):
This CGF series bottle filling machine is a kind of 3-in-1unit rinsing filling capping machine for producing potable drinking water like pure water, mineral water etc. The device incorporates rinsing, filling and capping into one and is a kind of full-automatic equipment. It is suitable for producing PET and plastic bottled mineral water and purified water. The method of filling adopts gravity or micro-pressure filling which makes the filling velocity faster and more stable. Therefore, compared with similar products, this device has features of higher output and bigger benefits. The equipment is fitted with advanced Mitsubishi programmable PLC to control the operation and cooperated by frequency converter of the main motor; it makes the operation more stable and reliable. The photoelectric sensor is used to detect operating conditions of each section, which makes the operation of this equipment highly automatic and convenient.

Technical Characteristics of CGF Series Bottle Filling Machine (3 in 1 Beverage Machine):

CGF Series Bottle Filling Machine

1. Direct connection technology is adopted between air conveyor and bottle-feeding star wheel, and there is no bottle feeding screw and conveying chain. It is quite easy to change the bottle shape.
2. Bottle neck-hold technology is adopted for bottle conveying. While changing the bottle shape, users only need to replace the arc guide plate, star wheel and other nylon parts that are relevant to the bottle diameter.
3. The 3 in 1 unit machine incorporates rinsing, filling, and capping into one, thus making bottle wear rate lower, conveying accurate and stable, changing bottle shape more convenient.
4. The specially designed bottle gripper of rinser is made of fully stainless steel, so it is durable and firm. Besides, it doesn't contact with the screw parts of bottle neck, thus avoiding the secondary contamination.
5. The machine is designed with high-speed mass flow isobar filling valve to ensure the high filling speed and precise liquid level without any loss.
6. Components contacting with liquid are all made of high-quality stainless steel and food-grade engineering plastic, and most electrical systems adopt imported components that meet our state food hygienic standards.
7. Bottle-outputting star wheel and bottle-bottom supporting plate adopt spiral winding method, and there is no need to adjust the height of bottle conveying chain while changing the bottle shape.

Main Components of CGF Series Bottle Filling Machine (3 in 1 Beverage Machine):
1. The bottle filling machine (3 in 1 unit machine) includes bottle washer, filling machine, capping machine, rack, sealing window, main motor, drive system, transmission system of bottles, cap sorting device, and electric control system and more.
2. The dumping gear of the bottle washing machine consists of moisture tray, bottle washing gripper, upper turntable, guide rail, protective shield, water-spraying device, defrosting tray.
3. The filling mechanism is mainly made up of filling barrel, filling valve, guide rail, hoisting device, bottle jamming elevating gear, etc.
4. The cap-sealing mechanism consists of cap sorting machine, cap-setting guide rail and capping machine.
5. The auxiliary (optional) equipments have bottle rinsing water reflux accumulator, bottle-feeding air duct, and bottle-outputting chain. Besides, we will configure manual bottle feeding platform (or bottle unsrambler), automatic capping machine and so on.

Main Models of CGF Series Bottle Filling Machine (3 in 1 Beverage Machine):

Model Output
CGF14-12-5 5000-6000BPH (500ml)
CGF18-16-6 7000-9000BPH (500ml)
CGF24-18-6 10000-12000BPH (500ml)
CGF32-24-8 15000-16000BPH (500ml)
CGF40-32-10 18000-20000BPH (500ml)
CGF50-40-12 22000-25000BPH (500ml)
CGF72-50-18 30000-32000BPH (500ml)
CGF84-60-20 36000-38000BPH (500ml)

Parameters of CGF14-12-5 Bottle Filling Machine (3 in 1 Beverage Machine):

Name Rinsing Filling And Capping Machine
Model CGF 14-12-5
Material Stainless steel 304
Production capacity 5000-6000B/H (500ml)
Detail specification
Number of rinsing heads 14
Number of filling heads 12
Number of capping heads 5
Applicable bottles PET bottle, plastic bottle
Bottle diameter Φ55-110mm
Bottle Height 186-310mm
Bottle Volume 200-2500 ml
Applicable caps Plastic screw cap
Total power 1.5 Kw
Weight 2000 Kg

Electrical Component Brands:

No. Name Notes
1 Main motor ABB
3 Capping motor ZIK
4 Conveying motor ZIK
5 Gear Germany I gus
6 Rinsing pump CNP
7 Filling pump CNP
8 PLC controller Japan Mitsubishi
9 Frequency inverter of host motor Japan Mitsubishi
10 Frequency inverter of conveying motor ZIK
11 Touch screen Weiview/Siemens
12 Circuit breaker Siemens/Schneider
13 Electric relay Siemens/Schneider
14 DC electrical source Taiwan MV
15 Approach switch AUTONICS
16 Photoelectric switch Germany Turck/USA Banner
17 Pneumatic component Festo

Jiangsu Landytop Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of bottle filling machine (rinsing filling capping machines) in China. Apart from bottle filling machine, we still have other products, such as juice filling production line, carbonated drink filling line and related equipments. Our company successfully offers many production lines for many well-known brands at home and abroad, such as Coca Cola, PEPSI. If you need bottled water filling machine, please contact us.

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