Cap Elevator

The SG cap elevator is our independently designed and manufactured machine by integrating advanced technology of similar products from abroad and rich production experience of our company. This machine is mainly utilized to convey caps in lower positions to the supply hopper, which is an auxiliary device for cap elevator and is in higher position. This cap elevator is furnished with pneumatic conveying system. It is characterized by stable performance, high production capacity, and easy operation, etc. This machine is suitable for conveying plastic and aluminum caps.

Parameters of Cap Elevator:
1.Production capacity:24000 bottles per hour
2.Blast blower power:1.75KW 380V (50HZ)
3. Max. static pressure: 280mmH2O(Max)
4. Max. air volume:35m3/min
5. Cap sending control mode: Pneumatic interval feeding mode
6.Compressed air pressure:0.8~1.0MPa

Operating Principles of Cap Elevator:

Cap Elevator

1. Once the photoelectronic switch, which is on the supply hopper of the filling machine, finds caps under the lower position, the blast blower starts and the vibrator of cap sending material storage tank begin to work. The air cylinder under the material storage tank opens and cap sending begins.
2. Once the photoelectronic switch, which is on the supply hopper of the filling machine, finds the cap under the higher position, the vibrator of cap sending equipment stops and the air cylinder under the supply hopper returns to the original state, which means that the piston is extended, that is, the baffle is in material stopping stat. The blast blower stops after adjustable delay from 0 to 60s, and then cap sending stops.
3. With gradual utilization of caps, caps descend to the lower position where the first step is repeated. In that way, the cap conveying machine continues its reciprocation work.

Jiangsu Landytop Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cap elevator in China. Apart from cap elevator we still have other products: purified mineral water filling line, juice filling production line, carbonated drink filling line and related equipments including rinsing filling cap elevator, beverage mixing machine, bottle unscrambler, etc. Our products have got the standards of CE, and ISO9001-2008. With good quality and affordable price, Our company successfully offers many production lines for many well-known brands at home and abroad, such as Coca Cola, PEPSI. If you need cap elevator, please contact us.

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