Ozone Mixing Tank

The ozone mixing tank is a kind of water treatment equipment. It is to fully mix water and ozone, thus achieving purposes of sterilization, retaining freshness and avoiding secondary pollution for the producing of mineral pure water.

Model of Example:
The equipment is a kind of stainless steel oxidation tank whose dimension is D350×H4000mm. A 5um titanium aerator inside the tank can segregate ozone into minute bubbles to contact with water. The height of contact water column is 3.5m. Ozone enters into the tank from the top where an air-outlet is equipped. And at its bottom, a water outlet is also fitted.

Ozone Mixing Tank

Basic Parameters of HHT-3 Ozone Mixing Tank:

Model Material Flow velocity Mixing time Output Specification
HHT-3 Stainless steel 304 30m 6minutes 3T/H Ф350×4000×1.5mm

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